Is your business in tip-top shape?

Is your business in tip-top shape?

Is your business in tip-top shape? Is your business in tip-top shape? Is your business in tip-top shape?

TIP-TOP Workshops

The Incredibly Powerful Traction Optimization Program (TIP-TOP) Workshops ... are  fun and informative, interactive leadership workshops. TIP-TOP Workshops are specifically designed to help owners and leaders of startups, small and midsize companies: review and assess the current fitness of your business ... gain helpful insights and techniques ... and at the same time learn, leverage and benefit from the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS)®, made popular by the best-selling book Traction™.

Actions & Benefits

Review & Assess

Evaluate the health of your company. 

Learn & Leverage

Understand and apply powerful tools. 

Build & Inspire

Enhance your skills and enthusiasm.

Creator & facilitator


Scott Abbott

In addition to having developed TIP-TOP Workshops, Scott Abbott will be personally facilitating your TIP-TOP Workshop. To note, Scott is a Certified Implementer™ of EOS, and has been teaching/implementing EOS since 2008. As far as his overall skills, credentials and capabilities, he has 20+ years of experience and expertise starting, leading and investing in tech startups, as well as working with hundreds of small, midsize, and Fortune 1000 corporations.  He is an E&Y Entrepreneur of the Year Finalist™, Entrepreneur in Residence at Indiana University, and a best-selling/award-winning author of 3 books, including The Co+Factor and Level-UP to Professional.  And he is absolutely prepped, primed and passionate about helping open-minded, growth-oriented people be consistently successful: in business, work and life.  


TIP-TOP Workshops Overview (pdf)


Real. Simple. Results.

Audio Explanation

Scott highlights his reasons for Straticos, why EOS® and his purpose, focus and passion for helping clients achieve real, simple, results.