Helping startup, small & early-stage companies, grow from good to great.

TIP-TOP Workshops

TIP-TOP, which is an acronym that stands for: The Incredibly Powerful Traction Optimization Program ... are fun, informative, interactive workshops that help leadership teams of startup, small and early-stage companies: review and assess the current fitness of your company ... gain helpful insights, tips and techniques ... and at the same time learn, evaluate and initiate your use of the Entrepreneurial Operating System (also known as EOS)® .  

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Actions & Benefits

Review & Assess

Evaluate the health of your company. 

Learn & Determine

Understand EOS® and see if it's a fit. 

Build & Inspire

Enhance your skills and enthusiasm.

Creator & facilitator

Scott Abbott

Scott is a E&Y Entrepreneur of the Year Finalist, and has 20+ years of owning and running successful tech companies. Today, he works with business owners and leadership teams of entrepreneurial companies, to help them clarify, simplify and achieve their vision. He does this primarily as a Professional EOS® Implementer, and occasionally as an investor, and advisory board member. To learn more about Scott, please connect on LinkedIn

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TIP-TOP Workshop Introductory Letter from Scott Abbott (pdf)


Real. Simple. Results.

Audio Explanation

Scott highlights his reasons for Straticos, why EOS® and his purpose, focus and passion for helping clients achieve real, simple, results. 


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